What We Talk About When We Talk About Classic Hamburgers


Watch cheap eats expert Lucas Peterson learn the squeeze test

This week on Dining on a Dime, Lucas Peterson teams up with The Meat Show’s Nick Solares to find the ideal meal for both their tastes: flavorful but inexpensive, and centered around beef. Their search leads them to the town of Massapequa on New York’s Long Island and a place called All American Hamburger Drive-In, an old-school burger and fries stand stuck the 1960s in the best way. Watch as Solares explains why the throwback burger — squishy bun, thin meat patty, ketchup, pickles — endures as an American classic. It might not be as hefty or hearty as a steakhouse burger, or as rich or exotic as a chef’s creation, but it stands the test of time. And, as Solares notes, it passes the squeeze test.

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